Bed and Breakfasts in Blackpool

Blackpool is a seaside resort which has defined the term for generations. The most popular resort in the country and one of the most instantly recognisable seaside resorts in history, the town and resort have forged a special place in the heart of all who have spent some time enjoying its great many attractions. Perfect for a weekend break or longer family holiday the town remains a permanent fixture in many people's vacation plans and the bed and breakfasts Blackpool has form as much a part of the town's culture as the ever growing list of attractions.

The meteoric rise of the town took place in the latter half of the 19th century when much of what still stands today was built, including the three famous piers and landmark which is Blackpool Tower, the Winter Gardens complex and the Opera House, the largest in Britain outside London. The classic Victorian appeal which epitomises seaside resorts is very much in evidence in Blackpool and certainly creates the ambience and character for which the town is rightly renowned.

The railway certainly helped bring the crowds in the early days and in modern times transport networks have maintained the ease of access to the resort which lies just 40 miles from Manchester. Perennially popular as a holiday destination for people from the North West, the town has also been a major destination for people from Glasgow in Scotland, most notably during September weekend celebrations.

What all visitors appreciate is the warm welcome and first class hospitality evident in the great many bed and breakfasts Blackpool possesses.

This quintessentially British form of accommodation is synonymous with seaside towns and it is said there are more bed and breakfast and Blackpool guest houses in Blackpool than the whole of Portugal. As a town which was built around providing hospitality for visitors, they are certainly well established and, by the very nature of the town, will be close to all the major attractions along the Golden Mile of promenade. This stretches from the North Pier to the South Pier and Pleasure Beach, the most popular amusement park in Britain.

The Pleasure Beach is certainly the place in which to find all the fun of the fair, with a selection of rollercoasters, thrill rides, water rides and live extravaganzas. A further selection of rides and attractions are available on both the South and Central Piers and the North Pier houses a classic pier theatre. Close to the North Pier is the famous Blackpool Tower, inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Home to a ballroom, a circus arena and an aquarium, the tower is a must-see attraction.

There are a great many pubs, clubs, restaurants and nightspots in Blackpool and the town has a reputation for vibrant nightlife. The town also has a large gay community and several pubs and nightclubs which attract a predominantly gay clientele. Live music, cabaret, variety and all manner of entertainment possibilities are available within easy reach in the town. There are popular events too, such as the Illuminations, dubbed the greatest free light show on earth, where in the autumn, some 6 miles of coast is illuminated by over one million light bulbs.

The bed and breakfasts Blackpool has offer the best way to spend some time in the town. Proprietors will have all the relevant local information on hand to ensure guests make the most from their stay and the accommodations will be comfortable and well appointed. Many Blackpool accommodation guest houses will contain licensed bars and other facilities, and in addition to offering a hearty full English breakfast may offer additional meals too.